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Wanted industry orientation of the software
Agriculture, forestry, fishing
Mining and quarrying
Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products, Manufacture of fissible and fertile materials and products
Food industry
Textile and Clothing Trade
Paper & wood processing (except furniture)
Publishing & Printing (incl. of data & sound media)
Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Production of rubber and plastic goods
Manufacture of glass and glass products, Manufacture of ceramic products, Nonmetallic mineral processing
Metal production & processing
Machine and Plant Manufacture
Production of electrotechnology and precision mechanics
Automotive industry & subcontractors
Production of furniture, jewellery & other products
Energy and water supply
Building trade and building craft
Wholesale and retail trade
Trade with Primary & Semi-Finished Products
Wholesale of waste and scrap
Trade with Chemicals & Fuels
Trade with Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetic & Orthopedic Products
Trade with Agricultural Products, Plants & Living Animals
Trade with Food, Fresh Produce
Trade with Motor Vehicles & Accessories
Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
Trade with Fashion & Textiles
Books, magazines, newspapers and stationery
Trade with Furniture & Household Goods
Trade with Building Materials & DIY Products
Trade with Electronic Appliances & Computers (incl. of Photo, Software & Accessories)
Retail sale in non-specialised stores
Trade Agents
Trade with other Commodities and Consumer Goods
Recycling & Disposal
Maintenance & repairs
Hotel and restaurant industry
Traffic & Logistics
Credit granting (banks)
Real-estate and tenement industry
Rental of vehicles, machines and equipments
IT consulting & services
Consulting Firm (incl. of Legal, Tax and PR Consulting)
Architectural / Engineering firms & Labs
Personnel, guard & cleaning services
Other services for companies
Public Administration
Health, veterinary and social industry
Other public services (e.g. non-profit organisations)
Other personal services