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Your company's size (number of employees)
less than 20 employees
20 - 49 employees
50 - 99 employees
100 - 249 employees
250 - 499 employees
500 - 999 employees
more than 1000 employees
Number of software workplaces for wanted solution
less than 5
5 - 19
20 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 249
more than 249
Aimed at project budget
up to ca. 1.000 Euro
up to ca. 10.000 EURO
up to ca. 25.000 EURO
up to ca. 50.000 EURO
up to ca. 100.000 EURO
up to ca. 250.000 EURO
up to ca. 500.000 EURO
up to ca. 1.000.000 EURO
more than ca. 1.000.000 EURO
When do you plan to go live (time horizon)?
< 3 months
3-12 months
12-24 months
> 24 months
not clear yet
Crucial aspects for your investment decision
Functional fit of the software
Suitability for middle-sized companies
User guidance, ergonomics
Customisability / Flexibility of the software
Release-ability of the software
Modern, future-oriented technology
Availability of a certain technolofy (e.g. iSeries, Linux)
Prevalence of the software
Low acquisition costs
Low operation costs
Adherance to dates during implementation project
Budget adherence during implementation project
Competence and behaviour of the vendor
Vendor's competence with regard to industries
Vendor's references
Vendor's location(s)
International orientation of the software (e.g. available language / country versions
Personnel resources or the vendor
Project implementation methodoloy
Vendor's training concept
Available operating/price models (Software as a Service, Software on Demand)
Market leadership / strong market position of the vendor
Survivability of the vendor
Aimed at price / delivery models
OnPremise (Licence purchase)
Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Rental model
Open Source
In which regions should the vendor have a branch for support?
Germany / Austria / Switzerland
not relevant